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Welcome to funtivities, a multifandom icon contest where FUN is the watchword. Where a giggle is worthier than 10 Selective Layers.
Each challenge will have 1 to 3 winners (depending on the number of entries) based on the poll results.
The moderator will choose an additional entry for the mod’s choice award.
Your mod is hobbitofkobol if you need more information.

1. Keep your icon LJ friendly. Not larger than 100x100px and 40kb. JPG, PNG or GIF. Yes, you can animate the icons.
2. Feel free to use textures, brushes, stock pictures, etc. if the challenge does not have specific restrictions.
3. Please try to more more creative than writing LOL on your icon. Also, don’t use jokes FROM the fandom. Example: don’t icon Michael Scott and add one of his quotes. We KNOW it’s funny. It’s just not YOUR joke.
4. Obviously, don’t copy a funny icon you’ve seen.
5. Submissions are ANONYMOUS. Meaning, don’t post your icon elsewhere before voting ends.
6. No voting for yourself. No telling your friends to vote for you.
7. Don’t hotlink the icons!
8. All icons are shareable (after the challenge is over).
9. If you want to use an icon, credit the author (a gallery will be set with all the corresponding usernames for each challenge).
10. Be nice and have fun!

1. Entries must be submitted as comments to a specified post. These comments are screened.
2. You will need to have your entry hosted to a site that allows remote linking. I use Photobucket
3. Please format your comment in the following way:

Yes I would/No I wouldn't like a banner if I place.

Submission Deadline : Sunday 11:00 pm (EST)
Voting Begins : Monday 12:00 noon (EST)
New Challenge : Monday
Voting ends : Thursday 12:00 noon (EST)
Results : Thursday

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